The Right Path for the Right Career

with UNILEB - 2016-11-28
Innovative, original and effective: Three words resume the “Academic Immersion Program” launched by the Center of Continuing Education (CCE) at Université Antonine. This unique initiative, designed to meet international quality standards, offers high school students the opportunity of foretasting one of the ten majors available at Université Antonine by filling the shoes of the professionals for two days. Ten free of charge training sessions, managed by a teaching team that combines expertise and field practice, are being offered by the CCE in all three campuses of Université Antonine.
Dr. Jenny Mchantaf, director of the Center of Continuing Education, explained the idea behind this novice program which doubled in its participants in less than a year: students often choose a major without being truly interested in it or while being misinformed about it. It leads them to change majors later on, waste valuable time or worse, finish their major and have an unfulfilling career. Thanks to the Academic Immersion Program, they get to know what awaits them post-graduation and are able to make the right career choice. They also have the advantage of meeting with the professionals who are giving those workshops. Dr. Mchantaf is very pleased with the feedback of the participants and even more content when they end up registering in faculties of Université Antonine.
High school students get to surf on the waves of media communication, mobile applications, marketing and branding, graphic design, physical therapy, dentistry, physical education, musicology, advertising design and principles of first aid. All ten programs have been developed based on practice, which is the main criterion in trying out a profession.  Who wouldn’t like to go on a TV set or radio studio? To become a first aid expert? To develop an application? Or compose a traditional Lebanese song? All this and more await the participants who will truly discover their desired career paths, right on time for University applications. The cherry on top is the certificate of participation, in hand and on résumés.
The CCE offers these programs several times a year:  the upcoming intakes are scheduled in December 2016, April and May 2017. They extend over a period of two weeks, on Saturdays, from 9 AM till 1 PM. ​

For more information, please contact 05-924 073/74/76 (ext. 354).

By Rayane Nasreddine, Journalist Intern.