Great Escapes by Lonely Planet Publications

with VIRGIN MEGASTORE - 2016-06-01

Great escapes – Lonely Planet Publications

What better way to celebrate the end of semester and reward yourself after so much hard work (this semester)?  Pick a destination, pack your bags and hop on a plane!

This book all you need to help you choose the right getaway this summer, depending on your budget, mood and definition of fun. The background stories, expert content and stunning photography set the scene for readers to immerse themselves in something out-of-the-ordinary. Each section also includes practical information for planning, essential experiences, detours and recommended reading lists to further inspire

Beach paradises. luxury hideaways. cultural thrills: Great Escapes showcases the world's most enjoyable escapes celebrates the sheer pleasure of travel. Take time out to indulge in romantic getaways, culinary adventures, musical journeys and family holidays. Or simply revel in pure relaxation. 

You deserve it!