Karasi: Bringing Design to the Table

with Silva Matossian - 2016-01-19

"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."

- Dieter Rams -
https://www.facebook.com/AigaMiddleEast/ An interesting story with a passionate designer who had lived in the States for about seventeen years, before joining the Universite Antonine staff. Silva Matossian had graduated with two degrees, in advertising and graphic design before completing her MFA from Los Angeles in 2010. 

"I would very much love to work with clients based in Beirut, since it will be much easier with file transfers for first, plus it’s working for my own community." Says Silva, discussing her involvement with AIGA Middle East group, which is the professional association for design. This organization is involved in creating events for the design and art world; in addition to setting up conferences and exhibitions.

"I was also involved in the AIGA education committee when I started teaching. This is geared solely towards students. They do studio tours, workshops, events, talks, meeting a designer, and many other things to promote design and keep the students aware and involved in the design world and the community. It is in coordination with the Universities and the program is run by University Professors."

The article's pictures are from an exhibition entitled 

Karasi: Bringing Design to the Table

On June 2nd, during Beirut Design Week 2015, AIGA Middle East hosted "Karasi: Bringing Design to the Table", an exibit featuring 20 chairs donated by B Design and creatively readapted by 20 Lebanese designers and studios.The event was held in the outdoor garden in Gemmayze.

For the moment, the people behind AIGA are still trying to register the association in Lebanon. Yet what is extremely attracting, is that they organize their get-together in collaboration with Urbanista, their main sponsor, who's offering breakfast at their meetings, every time at a different branch of the cafe. 

The reason behind this “Morning Toast” is to meet other designers, and bring in guest speakers from the design world in Beirut to talk about their work and explain what they are doing and what their future plans are. It is a major networking place for all designers and students. 

This is one of the reasons Silva would love for her students to get involved in AIGA, because they will meet professionals, like minds students and network and learn; since: In the design world, learning never stops. "We are technology based and art based. It’s a marriage of the brain, the hand, the pen and paper, and then the computer’s software. So keeping up to date with what’s happening around us and around the world is very important."

For all of those who are interested in AIGA, you are welcome to join in!There are no membership fees yet. It is for free, and you can stay up to date through their Facebook page: AIGA MIDDLE EAST

Silva Matossian
Designer, Instructor, Graphic Arts Department