Career = Specialization + Talent

with Georges Salibi - 2016-01-19

"I keep telling myself to calm down, to take less of an interest in things and not to get so excited, but I still care a lot about liberty, freedom of speech and expression, and fairness in journalism."

- Kate Adie -

Graduated from the Lebanese University in 1990, along with an additional educational/professional experience from VDL radio or "Sawt Lebnen"; Georges Salibi has been a prominent TV personality for about 15 years. 
News anchor and show host, he has established his name through a solid career in broadcasting agencies till he joined Tele Liban,a local Lebanese channel in 1997, as the morning show host; interviewing politicians in the talk-shows and analyzing newspaper headlines.  

In 2001, NEW TV has been relaunched on the Lebanese Media platform to eventually invite Mr.Salibi to host his ongoing 14 year old TV talk-show "The week in an hour" or الاسبوع في ساعة. Besides his on screen profession and being an instructor at the Universite Antonine, Georges Salibi has written a number of books and produced documentaries and TV programs: 

- Leaders and families, 2001
A book that discusses the historical/political Lebanese families which have governed the country for decades. How inheritance in politics goes beyond the family name and fortune. 

- Light years, a documentary, 2013
Written and produced by Salibi himself, through his very own production house METRO-GS Productions.

- Bonjour, Beirut, release date in March 2016
Another film, written and produced by Georges Salibi, to be featured in an upcoming article 

To Georges himself, academia has been an outstanding path that aided him in his professional career, and it will always be present in his future life decisions. As for his students; Salibi encourages them to slow down and give every phase its sufficient time and experience. Since we are now living in the "fast-world" with easy and reachable data, it is hard to stop for a moment and think about building a healthy and an enriching career instead of being in a rush to aim higher in a such short time.

As this popular quote says: "Easy come, easy go"; Georges Salibi emphasizes on the importance of true experience with its peaks and valleys, to reach the upcoming step of a professional life. He affirms that in order to have a solid career, one must get specialized in a specific field of expertise then add to it another component, which is talent! 

Georges Salibi
Faculty of Information & Communication