Danveri, Who?

“Music can change the world because it can change people."


You might be wondering what Danveri is, or why would it be featured on this online platform.
Well, Danveri represents a passionate young man who began composing music since the age of eleven.
A talent that discovered itself along the teenage years as a hobby, to eventually consolidate this obsession into practice and obtain a bachelor's degree in musicology. 

Danveri, is a character that was brought to life in 2008. It is about social satire in melodies. Firstly a pop/rock singer, a songwriter, performer and artist. It creates music and compositions based on the Lebanese society and its flaws. "She's all naked" is its newest musical production. An album written, composed, arranged and performed by John-Paul Jalwan. The album translates his observation vis a vis "mostly" Lebanese women, which are obsessed with their looks, plastic surgery, appearance; forgetting or denying the core of their personalities. "Naked" speaks beyond the masks and the trends to reach the depth of each individual, trying to heal broken souls that consider appearance is the way to self-therapy and discovery.

Despite his initial academic journey as an engineer, John-Paul immediately shifted his life, time and effort towards the music business; to eventually build up his own studio by the name of WAVEROOT in 2011.  
Sound engineer, composer and singer; John-Paul combines digital orchestration or computer generated sounds with live band music with instruments and vocals. He works with many musicians and singers, along with his teaching job in more than one local university. Throughout the years, he has composed music for plays, films, advertisements and documentaries; to currently producing many musical albums, which will be definitely featured on Unileb in future posts. 

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Jean Paul Jalwan, Instructor at the Department of Audiovisual studies