Christmas, with Jean Keyrouz

with Jean Keyrouz - 2015-12-18

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman."

- Ludwig van Beethoven -
With more than 300 musical compositions for TV ads, series and shows; Jean Keyrouz is a man with outstanding talent and passion for his career. Before receiving his bachelor degree in Communication Arts/ Radio-TV, he instantly started building up his professional future, by selling his compositions to prominent broadcasting corporations like: ART, MBC, MTV, ...etc. 

In parallel, he worked at Al Jadeed -a local TV station- as a director, yet Jean never seemed to prefer music or sound to image. He had launched his own audio-visual studio (17 years ago), providing creative, high-end results for Video  & Music productions.

Some of the offered services include: 

  • Radio and TV commercials.

  • Documentaries.

  • Corporate content.

  • Music Composition & Sound Design .

  • Audio Recording : voice over , songs , dubbing etc..

  • Video Editing & Color Correction.

  • Soundtracks for film & TV Series.

  • Video Clips.

  • Graphic design.

Not only he is a brilliant artist, but Jean Keyrouz is also an educator and a member of the Universite Antonine family since 2011; transmitting his talent and techniques to radio/TV as well as journalism students. 
During this festive season, we thought you would enjoy a glimpse of his work.

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Jean Keyrouz