Tea Anyone?

with Hala Dahrouge Osta - 2015-12-04

"Design is thinking made visible."

-Saul Bass-

The graphic design students at the Universite Antonine have certainly shown some serious competition while working on this interesting project in the packaging course taught by instructor Hala Osta. She gave them the total freedom to invent a tea box with all kinds of materials and media; they even got to choose their own brand names, flavors, shapes, identity and target their own market.

Anthony Ayoub got the highest grade, by creating Tea Spatula: a wooden spoon that contains both the tea bag and the sugar, facilitating the stirring process and eliminating what is usually known as the tea string. An ecofriendly invention that could sell easily on the market!


Another scholar was highly interested in body building and fitness. Therefore; he created a dumbbell shaped tea bag, where “lifting” would get you to have your tea! Promoting fitness and healthy tea for athletes.  

Yara Saad took her inspiration from the world of design itself; making it come to life serving another purpose. TEATONE was the name of her project, the new tea brand that has color coordinated products to every abstraction:

-         Green for freshness

-         Red for warmth

-         Light blue for relaxation

-         Yellow for health

-         Pink for energy

TEATONE was originally inspired by PANTONE, the world renowned company for providing color systems and leading technology for the selection of color. It is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication across a variety of industries, such as graphic, interior, fashion and furniture design.

Those students were extremely excited to execute their projects according to their preferences and identities. The upcoming assignment will be limited in terms of instructions; yet, will they be able to achieve such results? 

Hala Dahrouge Osta
Instructor, Department of Graphic Arts