If I wear blue...

"Fashion is about something that comes from within you."

-Ralph Lauren-

Blue is a positive color, it enhances self-expression and our ability to communicate our needs and wants. It inspires higher ideals, but not necessarily higher heels – which brings us to our new post: “If I wear Blue”. This time around, we felt that it would be fun for us to plan the shoot ahead of time. On a lovely October Saturday morning, we picked up our stuff and headed to Tawlé, in Ammiq. Call it a styling advice or call it some eye-candy to distract you from the current madness of the world – this post is all about color coordination. What each of us is wearing is very different, yet as an item we mesh well together beautifully.

For my part of the job (Sophie: I tapped into my Styling background), I wanted to show that even with only four items, you can create a fresh and easy look to pull off; a look that screams effortless but is equally boho chic. I usually never wear shirts but I fell for this because it has a little twist. Never overdo it; a little detail goes a long way and can make the whole outfit shine. “The little black detail didn’t want to be alone” so I added my black shoes, my favorites of the season so far, because ONE: they are comfortable, TWO: they are elegant and THREE (last but definitely not least): they go with everything. The hat, a must-have of the season, was added to complete the look, because without it, the shirt would have looked sad and empty.  Allow me to torture a French cliché and say “Jamais deux sans trois”.

As for my part (Salim: I tapped into my Art Direction background), I created a harmonious combination between what I’m wearing, what she’s wearing and carefully choosing the surroundings. My shirt and the whole attitude that it imposes on the wearer, is the opposite of the frivolousness of her outfit. The flowers on my shirt give life not only to the pale motionless concrete background behind us but also to my serious weekend-chic outfit. I bought my black shoes from a small vintage shop in Mar Mkhayil. The beauty of this well-maintained otherwise-forgotten pair of shoes is that it can be resurrected into the modern world of happy feet. And so it did.

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Salim Cherfane, Art Director and Designer