A fascinating story: Meet Father Charbel Daoud.

with Father Charbel Daoud - 2015-11-18

“Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.”

-Gibran Khalil Gibran-

He initially joined the monastery in 1991, to become a priest in 2001 and initiate a school specialized in mosaics and icon drawing. Father Daoud was later in charge of the pastoral club at the Université Antonine for 8 consecutive years; guiding students and listening to their concerns. In addition to organizing cultural seminars, spiritual events and social activities.

Because Father Charbel is passionate about serving God among the youth, he has discovered a new tool to reach them and transmit spiritual messages. He has chosen to communicate with those young adults through movies. That’s why he went into university again and got a bachelor degree in film making; to dedicate even his senior project to this calling.

 What is truly fascinating about his journey, is that he consecrated all his projects to serve spiritual and social purposes; revolving around youth awareness and educational topics, that are interesting to the young generations. “The balance of love” is his senior project, in which he was determined to demonstrate his struggle between his love for the woman of his dreams and his love for God and obeying him through being a priest. This controversial topic was certainly hard to bring to life, since society already has its pressure, misconception and prejudgment on such issues; but Father Charbel persevered to say it loud and clear.

His future project consists of small films highlighting the topic of divorce, its causes, consequences and prevention according to Christianity. His ultimate mission is to bring people closer to God and make him known to them, through visual methods and creative scripts. 

Father Charbel Daoud