Rouge à Rêves: Not another ordinary blog

“Design is a journey of discovery.”

Salim Cherfane and Sophie Kosremelli, two partners with a passion for everything art, fashion and design. On September 2015, a new blog has come to life breaking the stereotype of Lebanese fashion blogs and fast trends. She has a bachelor in fashion photography and works as a stylist, while he studied advertising and art direction and currently working at the Université
He has always been drawn to trendy outfits and glamorous photo-shoots. Even worked in fashion magazines and websites before joining the Antonine family. However; Salim decided to take it to the next level. This new platform was born to translate his dedication and creative ideas on a white sophisticated digital canvas.
Every two weeks, a new blog post is published. Each post is a collaboration of refined fashion photography with well-known photographers, beautifully styled outfits and well written expressions. In addition to classic fashion posts, Rouge à Rêves consists on playing with illustrations, art direction and soon music. This platform is distinctive enough infusing musical rhythm to complement the tasteful content.

Not an ordinary blog, because Cherfane and Kosremelli made sure to target the average public; who will not be interested in couture pieces or high fashion designs. You can feel at ease when accessing their blog and feel a sense of belonging through their art and trendy average outfits.

Salim Cherfane, Art Director and Designer