Nicolas Romain, guest at the Université Antonine

with Nicolas Romain - 2015-11-02

'It's so complicated to do things simply!'

Nicolas Romain
Screenwriter, producer and director, Nicolas Romain came a long way to where he is now. From a background in economics and sociology, he had many professions throughout his career. He worked in finance, journalism, media consultancy and as a strategist in Marseille harbor. In 2010, he co-founded FORGE, an animation transmedia studio in Lyon; which combines video games, cartoon and film production.

ICONIK is his latest achievement. A new concept society in media production where Nicolas works in transmedia architecture, along his teaching profession at the University of Toulon. In his opinion, conviction and working methods are two fundamental rules; which he communicates with his students, the importance of determination and organization, to reach the road of success.

Romain was invited to the Université Antonine to share his thoughts and experience, awaking advertising students to new concepts and creativity methods; in order to become more productive in their professional careers later on in life.  
Nicolas Romain
Associate Professor and animator