One Last Stand

with Alan Mehanna - 2015-11-02

“That’s one of the nice things about writing, or any art; if the thing’s real, it just lives.”

- Woody Allen -

Name: Alan Mehanna

Profession: Screenwriter/Actor/Director

Background: - Bachelor’s degree in fine arts - film production, University of Tampa, Florida.

                     - Master's degree in Screenwriting at Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida.

Passionate and dedicated young man, Alan has been a link between the Eastern and the Western culture and lifestyle. Having lived in the United States for thirteen years, had surely enriched Alan’s experience as well as his knowledge in the film making industry. Once he had returned to his home country, he never stopped working; he is currently an instructor in three local universities. In addition to his freelance acting career and of course spending hours writing screenplays.

Screened in the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, One Last Stand is a masterpiece that won the Travolta Family Inspiration Film Award. Here’s a brief description to tackle your curiosity: When the world is on the verge of world war three, God decides to leave the fate of humanity in the hands of an Arab man and an American woman. A unanimous decision must be made. They either press the red button put in front of them, erase the history of mankind and start a new chapter; or put their faith in mankind that World War III would be prevented.

The 15 minute short film was inspired by the Lebanese war of 2006. Translating on screen the mixed emotions and thoughts of a young director, who felt this is his way of interpreting his identity as both an Arab and an American., ramblings of a screenwriter, is Alan’s personal blog. A platform for screenwriters, directors and movie lovers. Besides teaching, editing and writing; Alan was part of many Lebanese TV series such as “Maître nada”, “Bride & Groom”, “Abtal W Haramiye”. 

Alan Mehanna

Instructor, Faculty of Information & Communication