Université Antonine welcomes new students!

“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.”

– Erasmus

If you have just entered the Université Antonine this semester, then you must have received a very special package. A brown cardboard box containing many beneficial documents and even some distinct personalized gifts.

The administration has ensured to change the experience for new comers and help them integrate in the university life as easy and fun as it can be. The package was offered to all the candidates upon their acceptance, it included prominent documents such as:

-         A welcome letter from the university principle.

-         Practical information and services on campus: parking, cafeteria, library, access on campus, anti-smoking rule, financing one’s studies, dormitory, etc.

-         University map, including all the various departments, faculties, offices and facilities.

-         Organization chart of different university entities that a sophomore student should be in direct contact with.

-         University clubs: hiking, dance, drama, sports, pastoral, etc.

-         Online personal account for new students.

-         A library voucher to print documents.

In addition to a special designed calendar in a form of a cube and a personalized ID holder.

The Université Antonine is certainly a pioneer in such concepts and ideas to ensure a fun academic environment for its students. Welcome home new comers!  

Fouad Abdallah, Project Manager - Director - Center for Career Development