Dani Chedid: youngest instructor in his field

with Dani Chedid - 2015-11-02

“Making movies is all about instinct”

- Dino De Laurentiis -

It was directly when he entered the world of film making as a student, that Dani Chedid began to show extreme passion and started teaching. In 2007, he became an instructor at several local Lebanese universities. In parallel; Chedid founded his own production company in 2009: OFF THE WALL STUDIOS allowing his students to experience new equipment, using the latest techniques in the movie industry and getting to know directors, producers and production crews.

Dani participated in award winning Lebanese films: Stray Bullet with Georges Hachem, Under the Bombs تحت القصف with Philippe Aractinji. He recently filmed “Hayda Ana” as a master’s senior project for USEK, which won in the New York City Film Festival; in addition to the latest TV program: موقف للعموم which was shot without any lighting equipment. Video clips and ads are also on Dani’s busy agenda, where he was in charge of filming music videos for famous Lebanese musicians, such as Ragheb Alameh, Maya Nehme, Fadi Andraos, Cynthia Karam and Joe Achkar.

OFF THE WALL STUDIOS not only partakes in big projects, but also encourages audiovisual students through discounted prices on equipment and production services; since Dani was one time a student and needed the support. This is his way of giving back to others, besides being a great example for his students and a hardworking teacher. 

Dani Chedid

Instructor, Faculty of Information & Communication