“Masked to Unmask Copycats”

with Joe La Pompe - 2015-03-30
“Masked to Unmask Copycats”

The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops the clock to save time.

Thomas Jefferson

Joe La Pompe, a French advertising designer and editor, started his hunt for twin-advertising concepts in 1999. His intriguing character with his “hood” has been a trademark in the publicity and advertising field, inspiring agencies to become original and inventive in their ideas. 

Being a concept designer himself, he had been challenged by his creative director to elaborate his projects further to avoid copying any existing models. In order to prove advertising copycats, Joe La Pompe had to conduct in-depth researches and compiled them in a personal archive, which he eventually transformed it through the years onto the web: Joelapompe.net 

His main concern is to remain anonymous, for his own protection, to guard his personal career and of course to secure his demonstrations, noting that he had received 45 death threats so far. 

Joe La Pompe had published 2 books, the first one was released in 2008, entitled “NOUVEAU”, which exposes advertising copycats during his first 9 years of research. The second and most recent book entitled “100 VISUAL IDEAS, 100 GREAT ADS”, launched in 2012, revolves around the widespread advertising campaigns and visual ideas, providing useful insights to the commercial world. 

Besides his continuous research and busy lifestyle, Joe La Pompe is frequently selected as a keynote speaker in festivals and universities’ activities around the globe, where he is always keen to deliver and communicate one idea: encouraging creative ideas and boosting authenticity! It’s true that he covers his face the way thieves do; however, he exposes the truth and discourages ad theft.

 Creative agencies…beware! 

Joe La Pompe