Cinetiquette, Soon At The Movies!

Université Antonine and Grand Cinemas have teamed up to remind cinema lovers about what to do or not to do at the movies, all in a fun and efficient way.

Signed under the name of Cinetiquette, this project suggests seven short videos in which seven etiquette rules are taught. And though it seems obvious how to behave responsibly when watching a movie in public, some of us need quite a reminder, which led Grand Cinemas to this initiative.  A few of those tips involve refraining from talking during the screening, arriving before the beginning of the movie and turning off mobile phones.

The filming of Cinetiquette took place on the weekend of November 12-13  at Grand Cinemas. Audiovisual students from Université Antonine were present from the early morning to take part in the on screen part of the shoot, with the presence of Mr. Brahim Samaha, media and culture consultant as well as Mrs. Mirna Mefleh, head of the Audiovisual department at Université Antonine.

This project should be ready by the end of the year but we won't have to wait that long to get a preview: a teaser is in the making as we speak and will be posted on as soon as it is available!

Cinetiquette will be projected in all Grand Cinemas theaters throughout the year of 2017. One of the seven videos will be randomly played before each movie screening. 

This collaboration is truly good news as it'll allow us to enjoy more of the surround system in the theater and less of the loud comments and munching!


Brahim Samaha, Instructor & Media and Culture Consultant