Georges Hachem under the Spotlight again

with Georges Hachem - 2015-03-30
Georges Hachem under the Spotlight again

Filmmaking is incredible introspective. It forces you to sort of examine yourself in new ways.

Drew Goddard

Filming between Paris and Beirut, Georges Hachem is currently in the final stages of completing his newest psychodrama film, following his first work of art starring Nadine Labaki, entitled Stray Bullet or “Rsasa Tayche” in 2011.

After spending a few years in France and receiving several trainings and courses related to film directing and actors’ management, Hachem returned to his beloved country to founding the audiovisual department in the faculty of Information and Communication at the Université Antonine.

He is an instructor at the institution who nurtures future filmmakers, scriptwriters and directors. His most recent film is not limited in time and space, in comparison with his previous work; yet somehow it reflects the structure of the Lebanese history and lifestyle featuring actors Wajdi Mouawad and Franco-Algerian actress Adila Bendimerad.

Georges Hachem has collaborated with Andreas Sinanos in cinematography while Zad Moultaqa composed the film’s music. It is worth mentioning that most of the characters were men unlike in the movie “Stray Bullet”, which was mainly starred by women.

The new film will be released in 2016, after the shooting and editing stages are finalized.

Georges Hachem