Let's Talk About Contemporary Art

A lot of people claim that they don't understand contemporary art, which is ironic since, unlike Egyptian stone painting or Greek sculpture, art created since 1960 communicates our own recent story.

Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on the modern society, the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us.

A wave of local contemporary artists has emerged in the past few years and many artistic venues and events have seen the light in the country. Therefore, it was only natural for the Center of Continuous Education at Université Antonine, who always aims to create deeply intriguing workshops, to offer a thirst-quenching workshop focusing on Contemporary Art for all those curious on the matter as well as those tickled by arts. The CCE has become famous for its out of the ordinary workshops that merge special guest conferences with private visits and exclusive content, all within a short period of time to suit the mass.

The Parlons d’Art Contemporain workshop was created in collaboration with Christophe Delavault, modern art consultant and director of Cercle Drouot Contemporain in Paris. It is based on an original proposition by Sandy Saad, art consultant of the Center.

Participants will get answers to big questions: what is contemporary art? What are the main artistic movements? What are the new mediums and the latest techniques? Who are the contemporary artists? Etc.

They will also get to meet two modern Lebanese artists: Hiba Kalache, an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in hand drawing and sculpting, as well as Serge Najjar, a lawyer with a knack for photography. A visit to their gallery is scheduled, during which they will have access to the artists’ private collection. The participants will also enjoy an exhibition named “Resistance and Persistence” in the Sanayeh Garden, where the exhibiting artists will be present to discuss their works.

They will also discover the Saleh Barakat gallery, including the exhibition “Blowbak” by Ayman Baalbaki, in the presence of the artist himself.

"Blowback" is a euphemism to describe the dire consequences suffered by a country following the espionage operations or armed interventions that it leads.

Participants will receive a certificate signed by both Drouot- Paris and the Université Antonine.

Parlons d’Art Contemporain event is set on October 6th, 7th and 8th between 9am and 5pm at The Smallville Hotel and the booked galleries.

For registrations please contact: 76-041853 or by e-mail at: cfp@ua.edu.lb

Jenny Mchantaf, PhD, Associate professor, faculty of information and communication and Director of the center of continuing education