Tour de Babel

The UA faculties offer students mandatory French courses in order to enhance their linguistic skills and better prepare them for the finals. These courses were introduced in 2012, following a reform in the aim of tuning the students’ levels individually so they can all have the proper tools in oral and written French once ready for graduation. Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the courses follow international standards and are certified with the DELF, a Diploma in French Studies administered by the International Centre for French Studies (CIEP) for France's Ministry of Education. This diploma is undeniably a plus on the students’ academic record but is also a must for those who aim to teach in a French establishment or pursue their studies in French.

Mrs. Basma GEORGIE-GHALY, Coordinator of the Center of Languages of the UA, finds it very gratifying to see students from various faculties gather in one room for one purpose and come out more confident for their end of year projects and exams.  Not only do they enhance their writing and oral skills in French, but they also gain a cultural plus from the fact that the exam subjects are all provided from France.

It is Mrs. GHALY’s opinion that the 2012 reform has been crucial for students and teachers alike, as courses have been better understood and notes are being easily taken, because the language barrier is gone. For her to keep this reform up-to-date, a general survey is required: meeting with the UA deans, teachers and students, conducting questionnaires and working on an ongoing research in order to develop the best approach.

Most university students, mainly those not majoring in literature, tend not to focus on languages; they come to realize that they lack the proper tools and knowledge in writing and/or oral presentation, and instead strictly focus on the content of their deliverables and neglect the form, leading to an incomplete success, and failure in some cases. After graduation, strong second and third languages will help your CV stand out in a sea of qualified applicants, fiercely competing in a global economy on the brink of a recession.

Dear UA students, enjoy those courses and come out stronger for your finals and your careers.

Bonne chance à toutes et à tous!



Basma GEORGIE-GHALY, French Department Coordinator, CLER