L'Art du Bijou Workshop

“Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles”

Sarah Phillips

Following the success of the first edition and based on popular demand, the Center of Continuing Education at Université Antonine offered once again, the « l’art du bijou » workshop, in collaboration with Ms. Sandy Saad, art consultant.

Professionals or amateurs, all participants had a feast for their eyes during this workshop as they all shared their love for jewelry and bling.During three days, they discovered the colorful world of jewelry, from its history and creation, to its various styles and values related to the used material. They were also introduced to the latest technologies and trends in the field, along with its evolution related to the fashion industry.

Mrs. Claire de Truchis-Lauriston, a renowned gemologist at Sotheby’s France conducted this workshop and took the participants further into the world of precious stones.The program included a visit to Antoine Hakim’s studio for a sneak peek on his prestigious private collection. In addition, to a practical tactile visit to Robert Mouawad Musuem and MIM Museum in the presence of its founder Salim Edde.

This gem of a workshop left everyone feeling like a pro in the jewelry world! And a participation certificate from Université Antonine and Sotheby’s France was delivered upon completion of the workshop. 

Jenny Mchantaf, PhD, Associate professor, faculty of information and communication and Director of the center of continuing education