with Nidal Ayoub - 2016-04-06

“By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

- Oscar Wilde -

AFEJ or The French-speaking Association of Journalism represents over 300 French-speaking Lebanese journalists, consists in:


-         A Network / pressure group for the affirmation of professional journalism and the defense of the rights of journalists.


-         A “Think Tank” laboratory of ideas for the consecration of the freedom of opinions, along with the expression and the formation of an informed Lebanese public opinion.



Journalist and TV personality Nidal Ayoub, who is currently the president of this renowned association, is also a faculty member-instructor at the Université Antonine. Nidal has worked as a reporter, producer, news anchor and editor for several local broadcasting agencies; besides hosting her own TV shows in support of her passion for political science.

This association aims for:


Promoting professional journalism, since it is a producer of certified data, and capable of monitoring the use of information in the spheres of power and their social impacts. Thus it guarantees a stamped social evolution of demagogic excesses.


Sponsoring « Francophone » values

No matter the language of expression, AFEJ advocates the principles and ideals of the French-speaking cultures: democracy, intercultural dialogue, and human rights.


Given the depreciation of the professional standards and violations of journalists' rights, this institution pleads the defense of rights for Lebanese journalists through creating an associative and federative union network, an update for laws and the reporting of offenses to the rights and freedoms of journalists.

In addition to organizing seminars and workshops for students, NGOs, journalists and media administrators; furthermore the distribution of specialized publications, in order to develop media performance in Lebanon and enhance the relation between our societies and the field of media.


Nidal Ayoub has been an expert in the fields of journalism, political science and media; transferring her knowledge and prominent expertise to her students through the given courses at UA, as well as the dynamic accomplishments of AFEJ. 

Nidal Ayoub
Faculty of Information and Communication