"Sakker El Dekkene"

with Université Antonine - 2016-03-04

"The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means. "

- Georges Bernanos -
Fighting against corruption, promoting transparency and applauding the Democratization of Access to Information, are the main goals of "Sakker El Dekkene", the hardworking NGO that is revolutionizing the Lebanese society towards a better living and a brighter future. 

Sakker El Dekkene was present on the Université Antonine campus in Baabda, on February 22nd, meeting its students and highlighting the crucial part that corruption plays in our government. During their presentation, the NGO members were initially discussing the perception of corruption and its definition, in order to awaken the students about this important issue. 
They, later on, lingered on the functioning of the organization, revealing the main pillars of their institution which are spread over three major projects:

- An educational program of awareness, targeting the Lebanese society in regard of the corruption issue. 

- Integrity Compliance Certification, which is a project for State Institutions; aimed at measuring their level of integrity and helping them to fight against corruption.

- Police Station Mobile Application, a new initiative empowering the citizens in their rights and duties, alongside their relations in conjunction with the Internal Security Forces. 

This enriching presentation, filled with debates and interactions has focused on the need to return to campus, in order to hold a conference on the theme of Citizenship and Engagement. This conference will therefore be held on Monday, March 7th at noon and will allow any interested prospects to learn about the different types of engagements offered by the organization.

There will be also a discussion regarding opening a regular associative student club on campus, which will aim to bring motivated and interested students together, under the banner of Fighting Against Corruption  in an organized and independent manner. 

Université Antonine