Stand Against Corruption

"The duty of youth, is to challenge corruption."

- Kurt Cobain -

For its second consecutive year, the Faculty of Business Administration at the Universite Antonine celebrated the International Day to Fight against Corruption on campus in Hadat-Baabda.

Held under the patronage of Mrs. Michelle Cameron, Canadian Ambassador in Lebanon, the ceremony was organized in collaboration with UNDP, Transparency Lebanon and "Transparency International" in the presence of the following guests, in the midst of academic, social and cultural figures:

-      MM. Luca Renda, Director of the United Nations Development Programme in Beirut

-      Father Germanos Germanos, Dean of the Universite Antonine

-      Demianos Kattar, Former minister and founding Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

-      Professor Georges Nehme, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Vice-Rector for Quality and Accreditation

-      Mrs. Nada Abdel -Sater Abu Samra, From “Transparency International”


Mr. Georges Nehme spoke about the fight against corruption, its contribution to the establishment of stability and confidence in our country; and its necessity in the functioning of public administrations; to eventually providing prosperity, growth and development allowing the economy to attract foreign investment, create jobs while preserving capital human.

Each guest mentioned different aspects of corruption and its influence on societies and governments, reminding that the mission of the Universite Antonine has always been involved in this matter through its policy and awareness given to its students.

Mrs. Nada Abdel Sater Abou Samra was honored during the ceremony for her engaging work strategies in the field of fighting corruption, symbolized by a trophy given to her by the academic Dean himself; noting that she was the only Lebanese/ Middle Eastern member in the Transparency International counsel.



Dr. Georges NEHMEH, Vice President for Quality & Accreditation, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration