Taking business to a deeper level!

Taking business to a deeper level!

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Bill Gates

The Université Antonine has been known for its prominent achievements, and continuous improvement; refining the educational experience for students. 

The accounting and audit department in the faculty of business is currently establishing a whole new set of courses, providing a specialization degree within the fields of audit and accounting. At the meantime, a curriculum is being studied and prepared, as well as finding good reference books and equip the instructors with all the necessary material before launching the project. This endeavor, presented in English and French languages, will be a step forward to the faculty towards obtaining accreditation from the United States.

Since the university is a French institution and the accreditation process necessitates an English program, the dean and comity have been working with perseverance to balance both curricula together.   

This opportunity enables business graduates to pursue more degrees and simplifies their chance to reach programs abroad with any additional requirements, thanks to the equivalence of the courses, taken from a soon to be accredited university.

Mr. Hani Sibai confirms that as an academic institution, the goal is to provide well-polished individuals with enough material background on the international scope.

Hani Sibai, Head of the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business Administration