Bags From UA, with Love

When the Christmas spirit starts ringing, Université Antonine is always there to take the call. 

For the past two years, business students have been executing community projects, as part of their Community Service Course. Their instructor, Dr. Elizabeth SFEIR, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Head of Department – Management, was inspired this year by an Australian campaign called "Share the Dignity".  

And so was born the #UAintheBag campaign, where Business students will be gathering and recreating bags of all sorts, for deprived women and children (aged 2 to 9 years old). They will also fill those bags with supplements and goodies. Travel bags, sports bags, school bags, toy bags, you name it. The collected bags will be handed to the monastery of Bon Pasteur in Beit Mery, which welcomes underprivileged women and children from different religious backgrounds. Dr. Sfeir strongly invites all faculties and encourages all students to participate.  

Business students will be collecting the donated bags at the cafeteria hall of Baabda's campus, starting November 15th and until December 6th. Bags can be created by the donors or simply handed for the students to add their final touch.  And the official hashtag of the campaign #UAintheBag  shall be posted on all social media outlets to reach the largest group of donors.

Dr. Sfeir mentioned that an upcoming project is already in mind, which will be focusing on collecting recycled toys for underprivileged children.  Donations are always welcomed as they draw a smile on the recipient's face, and as Dr. Sfeir said: ‘’ the more the merrier’’.


By Rayane Nasreddine, Journalist Intern



Dr. Elizabeth KASSAB SFEIR, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Head of Department - Management