Research Software at UA Library

"Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest."

- Bird Johnson -
Ideal space for learning, the Library at the Universite Antonine offers more than just the ordinary.
You may be familiar with the typical or traditional method of research; yet you haven't experienced the ultimate source of data found on UA campus. A technological approach of education in the most comfortable and user-friendly environment, visit the UA library for a practical development of your knowledge and culture. 

In 2011, the library catalog has been provided online and became accessible through the international software "Koha"; while the facility's newest achievement is the integration of two research software programs: 
 EBSCO-Host and Proquest Central.

Proquest Central, The ultimate interdisciplinary research tool, allows users to search a huge collection of relevant, high quality information across 160 subject areas and in the formats most used by today’s researchers through 21,000 periodical titles.
Research is becoming more interdisciplinary, required types of content more diverse, and sources of information more numerous. ProQuest Central curates content, allowing users to spend less time searching for and validating content.
  • Open Access content is editorially selected to ensure only quality publications are included
  • 160 subject areas on one simple platform allows you to find related information from adjacent fields
  • Truly international in scope across all content types
  • Users can search along with any other ProQuest databases at your institution on the same platform for even more comprehensive research
Over 80% of ongoing scholarly full text journals in ProQuest Central have cited references allowing users to conduct a more thorough literature review by more easily finding related articles.

Researchers need: 

The latest news and current affairs
 with a broad coverage of local, regional, and national news and current affairs publications, ProQuest Central allows researchers to:

- Stay up to date with the latest news including scientific breakthroughs, book reviews, and policy decision that may affect their field from the most reliable and prestigious newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, El Mundo, Le Monde, and New York Times.

- Read the stories that drive debate, policy, and research in their area, and help to develop your topic ideas by mining the most influential current affairs magazines including The Economist, New Yorker, Billboard, and New Statesman.

Market reports and information 
  • Thousands of market reports and other information sources to give researchers and MBA students comprehensive insight into industries, markets, economies, and companies. Providers include:
– Business Monitor International
– Economist Intelligence Unit
– ISI Emerging Markets
– Oxford Analytica
– First Research
– Reportal
– Euromonitor

  • 50 years’ worth of actual and forecasted economic data for the G20 countries from Economist Intelligence Unit featuring hundreds of variables and key indicators all downloadable in MS Excel.
  • More than 40 million company profiles from Experian Commercial Risk Database and Hoover’s Company Records. 

Resources for teaching

ProQuest provides a list of alternative articles to the 500 HBR articles restricted on other platforms. This allows teachers to swap out the restricted articles for ones specially selected by our editors that can be used without any restrictions. Like all content in ProQuest, durable links can be created and used in online course packs or electronic reserve systems.

Medical Training videos provide visual support to allow students, nurses, and allied health professionals to
bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Curriculum aligned training videos INTELECOM Sociology Video Collection, and thousands of case studies available to show practical application of theory. 

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global
ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global (PQDT Global) simplifies searching for dissertations and theses via a single access point to explore an extensive, trusted collection of 3.8 million graduate works, with 1.7 million in full text. Designated as an official offsite repository for the U.S. Library of Congress, PQDT Global offers
comprehensive historic and ongoing coverage for North American works and significant and growing international coverage from a multiyear program of expanding partnerships with international universities and national associations. We offer effective and efficient results on our curated content platform with expert metadata that reduces noise in search results.

Academic Completeâ„¢
ebrary pioneered the ebook subscription model over a decade ago with the advent of Academic Complete. With more than 40% of the top global universities as customers, the growing database is renowned as a cost effective way to offer researchers both breadth and depth of scholarly ebooks in all subject areas. Many libraries subscribe to Academic Complete as a foundation, then enhance their collections with Demand-driven Acquisition and Perpetual Archive with complimentary deduplication.

Delivered on the ebrary platform built for research, Academic Complete includes 16 subject databases that
can also be licensed individually.

Myriam Mahfoud, Library Director