Interview With Taline Boyajian, PhD.

with Dr.Taline Boyajian - 2016-01-05

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequence and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla -
In an interesting one on one interview with Dr. Taline Boyajian, we got to know her field of research which consists in Microwaves and Telecommunications. The thesis main focus was on the study of circulators operating at high frequencies based on the non-reciprocity of composite magnetic materials.

The research interest is on microwave passive components that are becoming increasingly commercialized and used in telecommunications systems. Given these technological limitations and the need to miniaturized, the use of barium hexaferrite particles envisages the development of self-biased and miniaturized circulators having magnetic composite materials. The ambition remains the study and the fabrication of a microwave circulator with magnetic nanoparticles oriented in the 40-60 GHz range. 

My experimental approach is to bring together the properties of composite magnetic material and the microwave device "circulator" in its coplanar topology. The microwave characterizations show the performance of the performance of the fabricated device. Research tracks are proposed to improve performance of out prototypes.  

Dr.Taline Boyajian
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering