Technological Breakthrough at UA

"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards."

- Aldous Huxley -

It’s no wonder that Universite Antonine has been a fast growing university in Lebanon. Its recent accomplishment is a technological revolution -a digital application- that will transform the typical college experience to high school students and redefine the early involvement in higher education institutions.


The purpose behind this project, is for new comers to visit the UA campus “virtually” through this app; room by room, lab by lab, enter the offices and auditoriums with a click of a button. They can download the application on their smart phones or tablets and access the university’s facilities at any given time; furthermore, they would get a sense of belonging even before their enrollment.


Mr. Fouad Abdallah has affirmed that this breakthrough will allow high school students not only to have a theoretical vision about Universite Antonine, but also to grasp “visually” the provided service. The proposal of this application is divided into 3 phases:

-      Demonstration on tablets, which has witnessed success among the youth.

-      Downloading the application on smart phones and having individual access to the service.

-      Displaying this technology on the university website.


To promote this breakthrough, the Universite Antonine has launched a smart interactive touch pad; permitting users to make a tour on campus over 3D technology and panoramic photos of all the faculties and departments, also including the cafeteria, the majors, the prices and other services.  



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Fouad Abdallah, Project Manager - Director - Center for Career Development