What is Data anonymization?

What is Data anonymization?

Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”

Scott Adams

Most of us are familiar with what cloud computing is, with the fast technological development and availability. The expanding domain in engineering is a related part to the cloud, where most of us store important information; outsourcing the data (mainly numerous statistics regarding medical, geographical, political and academic information) and keeping the results confidential or anonymous.

In other terms, it is the protection of a small or medium company, hiring another to examine its given data according to various criteria. Associate professor Bechara Al Bouna has been researching about this topic since 2012, trying to merge between several techniques and upcoming programs; using data correlation which is a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things.

Al Bouna has contributed in numerous projects related to multimedia networks and other domains. This project cannot be fully discussed, due to in-progress research and improvements. Yet we wanted to shed light briefly on the Université Antonine technical growth in the faculty of engineering, through Dr. Bechara Al Bouna. 

Bechara Al Bouna, Associate professor, faculty of engineering