When Engineering Serves Society

When Engineering Serves our Society!

Engineering is not only study of 45 subjects but it is moral studies of intellectual life

Prakhar Srivastav

Our population demography today is gradually increasing to reach the largest number of seniors, in most countries of the world. Here is why, all researchers and experts have shifted their thinking and effort towards the interest and health care of this category. Biomedical engineers are contributing to the wellbeing of these elders, by designing and developing high-tech equipment to serve medically and reinforce this sector. Whether it is prosthetics or building robotic surgical instruments,, they are surely an aid for a sustainable lifestyle. 

Engineer Kabalan Chaccour, from the faculty of engineering, is a live example of creating new biomedical tools for rehabilitation and re-adaptation of medical patients. He was motivated to follow this path upon his willingness to help and serve others.

He is currently in the last stages of his doctoral thesis, demonstrating a method of prevention and detection when a senior falls due to a medical emergency. To detect an incident, Chaccour has come up with a technique of wearable sensors, positioned on the prospect’s body, or they can be built in an intelligent floor. These sensors will signal the incident by sending a short text message or a mobile notification to the elder’s family or medical doctor. 

While the prevention assists in monitoring certain parameters divided into 2 sets:

- The medical history of the patient, depicting various types of diseases and pathologies; and

- The environmental criteria of the individual, portraying the average speed of walking, stride and center of mass.

This project is one among many that Chaccour has developed over the years to serve our society. Some are manufactured for clot injuries, or damaged muscles and even for Parkinson patients.

Combining their knowledge in biology and medicine with engineering principles and practices, and driven by a desire to help others, bio-medical engineers are a significant element to our health preservation and life survival.


Kabalan Chaccour, Assistant researcher, Advisor - Faculty of Engineering