"Quality of Life at Work"

"Just because we are in a stressful situation, doesn't mean that we have to get stressed out. You may be in the storm. The key is, don't let the storm get in you."

- Joel Osteen -

Because stress has been a dominant aspect in our professional life, our main concern is to be able to manage it and defeat its influence on our daily productivity; therefore, the faculty of health – specifically the department of nursing has organized a seminar entitled: “Stress in the Workplace".

The scientific conference took place over three main panels:

-         Dr. Alya SARKIS, psychotherapist and professor at the faculty, tackled the subject of Stress Management in the workplace.

-         Mrs. Leyla NADER targeted the motivational aspect at work and how it can conquer stress.

-         Mr. Elie SAKR, director of the physical therapy department in Zahle Branch gave away tips on ergonomics in the workplace.

All the prospects as well as the team behind this event, had one purpose in mind: to have a healthier well-being and an improved quality in the professional life.

The seminar started with the management aspect, simply because the audience has to know initially what causes the stress and the practical techniques to gain control over it. Stress isn’t a sign of weakness of emotional/physical sickness, yet it is the organism that creates this discomfort towards certain situations. The real issue, is when stress becomes a chronic case; causing the individual to sense a feeling of accumulated irritations which triggers “hyperstress”.

Stress is measured according to three criteria:

1.     The intensity of the psychological demands

2.     The latitude of decision making granted for the employee

3.     The social support provided by the professional team

Motivation takes over to fight the stressful factors at work, when the social involvement and independent decision-making needs are satisfied; moreover, the employee will feel at ease to overcome any obstacle. In addition to stress management methods, some techniques are required to attain a relaxed environment; this is why the seminar was concluded with practical ergonomics exercises for the attendees.   

Mona Nehme, Director of the nursing department