Because Every Cell Counts

with UNILEB - 2017-04-26

Donner Sang Compter, known for its dynamism and hard work, is regularly on the road aiming to vanish the distance between its team and its donors. And this month, it made sure to stop by Université Antonine’s Baabda campus for a one day blood drive.

Within a few hours, around 45 children battling cancer were saved thanks to all the blood units collected on campus, which were transferred to the Chronic Care Center on the spot.

Among the donors, some were going through this positive experience for the first time while some were “regulars”, sticking by the allowed donation frequency which is every three months. Speaking of which, there seems to be a lack of clarification when it comes to the donors’ requirements, causing less participation and less motivation to give.

Nadim Kseib, Operations Manager at Donner Sang Compter, was present on Baabda Campus where he expressed his wish for more people to turn into donors. After all, he says, giving blood is a pure selfless act that can make all the difference in someone else’s life. Imagine, each blood unit can save up to three lives! And to top it off, the donor benefits from it as well, considering that it decreases the chances of heart disease and blood cancer by 30 %. And the pre-donation physical exams (blood pressure, temperature and hemoglobin level) help detect illnesses if present.   

Lebanon needs 300 blood units per day according to DSC and though it could seem like an easy target to reach, more donors are needed and it does not have to be someone else but you. If you have all the requirements to donate blood, next time you see a DSC stand make sure to stop by and help save someone’s precious life!


By Fares Chaker