The Expert Touch of Frieder Galura

As part of its Continuing Education series, the Dental Lab Department at the Faculty of Public Health organized a workshop entitled “Crowns and Bridges” on January  27 and 28 of  2017. The lecturer, Mr. Frieder Galura, is a renowned German certified dental technician, who shares his expertise with students and professionals around the world.

We sat with Mr. Nabil Asmar, Director of the Department of Technology in Dental Laboratory Sciences and Mrs. Maya Nohra, Director of the Alumni Relations Office and Academic Advisor at the Institute of Dental Laboratory Sciences, to learn more about the Continuing Education programs. In summary, national and international experts are carefully selected as workshop speakers and are invited to UA in order to teach the participants the latest technologies related to one of the subjects of dental laboratory. These workshops are open to everyone, alumni, students, teachers and professionals, from Lebanon and abroad, giving participants direct access to exclusive knowledge and advanced expertise, thus enhancing their work skills. Ms. Nohra proudly says that the experts always express how impressed they are with the students’ skills and qualifications, considering they haven’t put their knowledge to work yet.

Mr. Galura’s workshop focused on crowns and bridges, which are fixed prosthetic devices cemented onto existing teeth or implants. Participants learned the latest techniques of making crowns and bridges as well as fitted preparations. They also got helpful tips to avoid problems that could lead to unsatisfying results.

The speaker’s comprehensive experience and top-notch expertise made all the difference: once a trainer at the University Dental Hospital in Heidelberg Germany, he now works as a dental technician at the prosthetic department of Dentaurum, and has accomplished various dental practices and laboratories, concentrating on ceramics, milling work, attachment techniques and implant restorations. Since 1995, he has written articles that have been published in dental magazines in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, England, USA, China, Australia and many more; he gives lectures and courses in Germany and all over the world.

Mr. Galura expressed his excitement to be in Lebanon for the first time and more so, to have joined the UA staff and give this two-day course for all 24 participants. He was amazed by the facilities in the UA laboratories, considering that Université Antonine is the only university with a dental laboratory in its department and right on campus, fully equipped from basic to advanced material.

The participants were reciprocally amazed by the expertise of Mr. Galura. Amongst them, Mr. Malek Nassar, UA Alumni class of 2016, was highly satisfied with the workshop and appreciated Mr. Galura’s presentation and technical approach; the tips and tricks he learned are professionally very beneficial. As for Mr. Mikael Michael, UA Alumni class of 2008 and teacher in the Dental Lab Department, he stresses that these workshops play an essential role in his teaching career but also in his laboratory work as he always comes out gaining more industry knowledge.

The products were provided by Dentaurum, an international dental company, based in Germany, which sponsored the workshop, together with Masri Dental. Mr. Michel Masri, a representative of the company in Lebanon, recognizes that UA has the care for details and always looks for the latest technology to offer to its students.

The workshop ended with a 3-hour study club and 93 attendees, summarizing all the information learnt during the 2-day session.

The activities of the Dental lab are proving to be very exceptional and this just seems to be the beginning!

By Carmen Yazbeck

Rodny Z. ABDALLAH, Administrative Coordinator, Dental Laboratory Technology Dept - Faculty of Public Health ​