The Magic of Mr. Janos Mako

The Faculty of Public Health - Department of Dental Laboratory Technology at Université Antonine, organized a three-day workshop, entitled “Anteriors Wax Morphology & Function” on December 15, 16 and 17. The speaker, Mr Janos Mako, flew from Hungary to present this workshop exclusively at Université Antonine, for the second time, since 2014.

Mr. Janos Mako, a known prosthetist who owns a dental ceramic academy in Hungary, spends 7 months in his hometown and the rest of the year travelling around the globe and training professionals.

Mr. Rodny Abdallah, Administrative Coordinator at the Dental Laboratory Technology Department, explains how it was necessary to book the upcoming workshops of 2017 and 2018 with Mr. Mako way ahead, considering his busy schedule but also, the huge success of his workshops at UA and the growing waiting list.  

Last week, twenty-two dentists and prosthetists participated in the “Anteriors Wax Morphology & Function” workshop: 6 of them UA Alumni members, 3 independent professionals from Lebanon and 13 from all around the Arab world.

What subject did Mr. Mako develop throughout this theoretical and practical workshop? The morphology of the teeth from all angles, more specifically the anterior ones and how they affect the whole structure of the mouth and jaw, depending on  their shape and role.  All the required material was provided by UA and the participants were all able to watch the speaker's demonstration closely, thanks to an LCD screen right from the comfort of their desk. Following this training, the participants are now able to recreate the perfect shape of a patient's tooth, from an academic but also aesthetic perspective.Their patient’s dental identity can therefore be preserved, away from the "clone" teeth we sadly tend to see nowadays. 

Everyone expressed a lot of interest and excitement during the workshop, to the point where they were meeting with Mr. Mako at his hotel lobby every evening, eager to learn more. Amongst them is Mr. Anas Dan, a Syrian dental technologist who presently manages his own lab in Dubai. He said he was more than satisfied with the content of the workshop and very glad to have met Mr. Janos Mako, â€œthe magician”. Mr. Vartan Kirazian, Lebanese dental technologist who manages his own Lab in Beirut and UA Alumni of 1994,  explained how crucial it is to stay updated thanks to such advanced workshops, knowing that the field is ever-changing due to technology.

On a logistical level, those workshops are proving to be very functional to Arab participants, who are getting the chance to attend such trainings and meet A list foreign speakers right in Lebanon, instead of having to apply for a visa to Europe for example. But most importantly, those workshops are turning every party involved into a winner: the participants are enhancing their knowledge and skills thanks to the expertise of the excellent speakers selected. On the other hand, morphology teachers at UA are upgrading the content of their courses by attending the workshops as well, therefore benefiting their students but also themselves by meeting with the speakers and the participants.

The University is, like always, demonstrating its valuable support to every project that comes in the best interest of its staff and students, even after their graduation. And the feeling is obviously mutual as the DLT department aims to reflect the best impression possible of Université Antonine to the invited speakers who are agreeing on exclusivity with UA. Mr. Abdallah is pleased to say that the speakers have all expressed how impressed they are by the laboratories and the equipment available. And they are always pleased by the overall organization of the workshops which would not come to life without the valuable collaboration of all the departments of Université Antonine.

Presently the DLT is working on many new workshops to be announced very soon so, stay tuned!



Rodny Z. ABDALLAH, Administrative Coordinator, Dental Laboratory Technology Dept - Faculty of Public Health ​