Photographer of the month
Apr 6 2016

by Elie Medawar
The Photo

Elie Medawar
Elie Medawar; graphic designer and photographer.

He started back in 2004 when he was only fourteen years old.  Elie had his first digital camera and began to explore the beauty of this world through his lens.
He gained more interest in photography through reading books and articles, watching video tutorials online to improve his skills. He maintained this passion of his, and complemented it with a degree in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University.

It started out as a hobby till he pushed it to the professional level. “I never worked for the money; I always did it for the pleasure of making photos” Elie says. He likes taking shots of random portraits, and moving objects in action because of the agility they demand. He is currently settled in Birmingham, Alabama where he works and discovers new subjects to photograph.


Instagram: @lemedawar

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