Let's Talk Business!

The School

The Université Antonine Faculty of Business Administration has a strategic partnership with the South China Normal University in Guangzhou, which particularly consists of a student exchange program. Each year, 5 to 6 students get the chance to travel to China and spend a full semester, between September and December, where they learn about the Chinese culture, investment, entrepreneurship, and services, and even, how to speak Mandarin. This exchange program is completed within a 4-week internship in a Chinese enterprise. Each student comes back home with a China Business Immersion (CBI) Program Diploma. In addition, on the research level, cooperation exists between researchers of the UA and a large network of universities.

The faculty of Business has been selected by the Association to Advance Collegial Schools of Business (AACSB) as a candidate for the esteemed American accreditation. The Faculty hopes that within the coming years, the Université Antonine School of Business will be AACSB accredited; noting that, at present, only 3 business faculties in Lebanon and in the Middle East are AACSB accredited. The AACSB accreditation will leverage the UA Faculty of Business’ position in the region.


For their final year, Bachelors and Masters are required to prepare an individual mémoire in the following subjects: banking and finance, marketing and management, accounting and audit, human resource management. The mémoire consists of a literature review and an empirical project.

Students who choose to tackle the issue of corruption in their mémoire participate in a relevant contest. Aspiring students submit their proposals to a commission composed of representatives from the UNDP, the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) and Sakker el Dekkaneneh NGO, in addition to a team from the Faculty of Business Administration. Proposals are shortlisted to 10; and on December 9th, which marks the UN International Anti-Corruption Day, the top 3 receive trophies and prizes. This contest aims to encourage the students to develop civic responsibility, promote ethics and create anti-corruption awareness.


The Faculty emphasizes on entrepreneurship as an effective means to help students overcome the high unemployment rate in the country, which has crossed the 20% bar, forcing the majority of the 16,000 graduates every year to work abroad, mainly in the GCC. In the same spirit, third year students participate in a start-up contest, part of their mandatory entrepreneurship course, where they develop their own business plan, from scratch, a pillar to every business creation. Kafalat plays the incubator role. Cases are presented to a jury of Kafalat, Berytech and others, shortlisted to 10 and the top 3 receive prizes and trophies. In case the contestants wish to bring their project to life, the incubators offer financial support.

A Professional Insertion Service was created 2 years ago to give students the proper knowledge, skills, tools and know-how, to get employed after graduation. The Faculty has created and maintains links with the public and private sectors, companies, banks, institutions and HR agencies, for the sake of jobs and internships.

Dr. Georges NEHMEH, Vice President for Quality & Accreditation, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration